2009 : capturing movement

Flemming Tvede Hansen

A cooperation with the programmer and designer Marcin Ignac. The experiment made use of the programming language Processing and a wii remote as a device to capture 3d motions. By the wii remote the movement of the hand is tracked in a 3d virtual space. The dynamic and generative system is defined by emerging 3d geometries which respond to speed. The size of geometry and the distance between the geometries reflects the speed of the movement of the hand with the wii remote. Furthermore the emerged geometries can either increase or decrease and be affected by the following movements of the hand by being repelled or attracted. The emerged geometries provide a trace of the movement in the interactive dynamic system, which may be captured at any time. The captured movement forms the basis for a 3D physical model produced by the use of Rapid Protyping, which express the captured movement in physical form.

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