2014 : sensitive ceramics

Flemming Tvede Hansen

A collaboration at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - The School of Design and Architecture, - between Flemming Tvede Hansen, SuperFormLab and CITA: Centre for Information Technology and Architecture, Martin Tamke og Henrik Leander Evers.

Materiality through digital technology is in this research considered in an extended way, as being the result of firstly the interaction of a designer with responding matter; here clay, - and secondly the process; here interventions by the designer, 3d printing, firing and glazing.

The project used design as a method of inquiry, reflecting on action and through action. Through experiments research question, concept, digital technology and ceramic material have been tested, evaluated and iteratively refined.

Through the experiment a computational interactive system for designing wall like composition made up by modules in ceramics that modulate light has been developed. Material processes form the base of the design technology, which holds process and material knowledge and informs ornamentation steered by the movement of the hands. Crafting and its execution become a unity again. Fulfilling performative and aesthetic purposes, the printed ceramics express the playful and light movements of the hands and simultaneously the presence of materiality.



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